Are You a Glass Blower?

Are You Canadian?

Do You Sell Online? was developed for a small demographic of artists, who rely on half-assed methods to sell their craft.

CMG is a streamlined marketplace for independent Canadian glass artists to sell their heady glass on. 

CMG gives the artist control over their craft.

When you sign up for CMG, you get your own store with a variety of bells and whistles to help you:

  • sell your products
  • connect with clients
  • organize your business
  • and really take the next step in your online sales.

Artists can utilize fully-customizable product listings, categories, product tags, SEO, custom shipping regions, easy contact systems, order tracking system, and more.

CMG believes that every independent glass blower should have a proper platform to develop and showcase their craft and skills to the world.


Facebook and other websites alike have taken on the unintended role of being a pseudo-marketplace over the years. It doesn’t take a genius to point out the flaws in these marketplaces, they are great as a sidecar but they are just that. Transportation, without control of direction.

Accordingly, more and more glass blowers are finding themselves in precarious situations trying to sell paraphernalia on traditional platforms such as eBay.

Aside from the hassles, these platforms take an insane amount of commission out of an already potentially low profit margin.

Sign up today to start selling on your very own CMG Artist Hub